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Company: Oyster Worldwide
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher)
Location(s): Thailand

Oyster Worldwide

Thailand is a must see for travellers across the world because of its diverse culture and jaw-dropping beauty. Could you imagine living in stunning Thailand, known for its flawless, white beaches and buzzing atmosphere? Here is the opportunity for you to do so. Choose to start your journey in Chiang Mai or Hua Hin, You will join a cultural ...more details

Company: BUNAC
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher, Trainee teacher, Volunteer teacher)
Location(s): China


Experience the real China by spending 5 months living and teaching English in the culture capital of the world with BUNAC's China TEFL internship.  The China TEFL internship includes everything you need from a TEFL qualification to all your meals and accommodation. You don't need any previous teaching experience, just a desire to work with ...more details

Company: BUNAC
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher, Trainer, Volunteer teacher)
Location(s): Vietnam


Discover the heart of Southeast Asia, with just under 5 action-packed months teaching and living in the local community in colourful, varied Vietnam. BUNAC’s Vietnam teaching internship will give you everything you need from a 120 hour TEFL qualification to your accomodation for the entire time you're there. You don't need any previous ...more details

Company: Embassy Summer
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher, Senior Teacher, Short-term summer post)
Location(s): England

Embassy Summer

WHAT IS AN EFL TEACHER AT EMBASSY SUMMER? "Teachers are at the forefront of developing students’ Life Skills through teaching, tuition and guidance during the English course" As an EFL Teacher you'll be motivating and engaging our students through their learning experience, alongside ...more details

Company: i-to-i TEFL
Category: English teacher jobs (EFL/ESOL/ESL teacher, Volunteer assistants, Support staff)
Location(s): Spain

i-to-i TEFL

Live and work in Spain for a real Mediterranean experience! This 9 month TEFL Course & Internship package will give you the chance to live like a true European in sunny Spain. Get ready to sample some of the local tapas, head to Spain’s famous beaches and embrace the siesta after a fiesta! You’ll be placed in a carefully selected ...more details

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